Mr Piers Ingram BOSTOCK, Chair

Mrs Nicola BADGER, Accounting Officer

Reverend Paul NORTH

Reverend Tim HAYWARD


Mrs Jo Griffith

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Mrs Nicola Badger Trustee, Executive Headteacher, Accounting Officer 01/03/2021 28/02/2025 Academy Members  
Mr Piers Bostock Member, Chair of Trustees 01/04/2017 28/02/2025    
Mr Andrew Denton Trustee, HR & Finance 02/10/2018 01/10/2022 GB/Board 03/02/2024
Mrs Anne James Trustee, Pastoral, Achievement,  01/04/2017 28/02/2025 GB/Board 05/01/2022
Mrs Sheila Loughlin Trustee, Deputy Chair, Achievement,  01/04/2017 28/02/2025 GB/Board 31/08/23
Rev Paul North Trustee 01/03/2023 28/02/2027 GB/Board  
Rev  Tim Hayward Trustee 01/03/2023 28/02/2027 GB/Board  
Mrs Beth Holdcroft Trustee 01/03/2023 28/02/2027 GB/Board  
Mrs  Jo Griffith Trustee 28/02/2024   GB/Board  






Trust Director, Chair of Trust

I have been working in the sugar industry, both in the UK later all over the world, for 45 years and , in that time , have been involved in a number of different roles from mechanical engineering, through major project management to energy and capacity analysis in something over 300 sugar factories and refineries. I have run my own business for the last 17 years. I am also a Member of the Chartered Management Institute and have developed analytical skills in business management. Among my voluntary activities, I am Treasurer of my local church, St Anne’s Ambergate, and am Chairman of Heage Windmill Society, which manages the charity running the windmill, where I am also a voluntary guide. Among my leisure activities, I enjoy fly-fishing, have an old rally Mini, enjoy gardening and help my wife with her sheep breeding. Relevant to school governance, I was a Haberdasher Governor at Bunbury School from 2001 to 2010, where finished as Vice–Chair and Chair of the Finance Committee. I was then asked to join the Haberdashers’ Adams Federation Governing Body, helping to govern Adams Grammar School (now an Academy) and Abraham Darby Academy in Telford, from which I resigned in order to join the Bunbury IEB, in May 2015. The members of the IEB and interim staff worked very hard across all school areas to bring Bunbury Aldersey CE Primary School out of Special Measures to Good, by January 2016. We then organised the Federation of the school with St. Oswald’s Worleston CE Primary School in February 2016, at which point two of the IEB team joined the governing body of the Federation. The work with the Federation involved the development of a new Policy and Procedure structure, combining the existing policies of the two schools, establishing and managing a new governance structure (now transferred to the RCSAT) and developing strong governance of the schools. During 2016 and into 2017, I helped in the development of the Rural Church Schools Academy Trust (RCSAT), both in developing the strategy and being a part of the working party of the 3 schools establishing the MAT. Upon conversion, I became chair of RCSAT Directors. In summary, my governance experience over 17 years has been in a variety of environments and situations, bringing industrial and business management experience into an education theatre and my ability to adapt examples of best practice identified in one working environment into the educational sphere. 

Mrs Nicola Badger - Principal - 2749395736.jpg

Mrs Nicola BADGER

Executive Headteacher

I have been in primary education for over 20 years. During my career, I have taught across the full age range in primary school from nursery to Year 6, and in a range of schools from “leafy lane” schools to those in areas of high deprivation. Since joining Bunbury in 2011 as Deputy Head teacher I have been a member of the Senior Leadership team for 10 years with a wide range of responsibilities including Teaching and Learning, English throughout the school, RE, data collection and analysis across all age ranges, and Music. Following the Ofsted inspection of Bunbury school in January 2015 I returned back to school from maternity leave as Principal, in January 2016. Working alongside the Executive Head teacher at the time, I supported the school through academy conversion to become part of RCSAT. I was appointed as Executive Head teacher for the trust in February 2021, and I still remain Principal of Bunbury Aldersey CE School also. I am passionate about the education and welfare of the children in my care, both at my base of Bunbury and across the schools of the RCSAT. Being a leader with high standards as a personal expectation, I have a strong desire to take my professional colleagues along with me whilst keeping the trust children at the centre of all the decisions I make. I support, uphold and lead the ethos and vision of the Academy and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for all our children, their families and RCSAT staff.

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