Register of Pecuniary Interests



Hilary Cummings - Cheshire East Governance

Pecuniary Interests

The following are currently employed by RCSAT:-

Alison Tomlinson, Caroline Dutton, Rebecca Bugliarello, Sally Allen, Charlotte Hickson, Collette Walker, Nicola Badger, Kate Appleby, Louise McDonough

The following have Business Interests:


The following are company directors:-

Charlie Ashworth - Buckland Arboriculture Ltd

Nicola Badger - RCSAT

Tim Boote - TRB Consultancy Ltd, Protein Rebel Ltd

Piers Bostock – RCSAT

Andrew Denton - RCSAT, Zanshin Biz Ltd

Sheila Loughlin - RCSAT

Chris Penn - Diocese of Chester

Rev Paul North -RCSAT

Rev Tim Hayward - RCSAT

Beth Holdcroft - RCSAT

The following have Charity Trusteeships:-

Rebecca Alexander - Trustee of Macclesfield Barnaby Festival

Tim Boote - Church Minshull Parish Council

Piers Bostock - PCC St Anne's Church Ambergate

Brenda Brockbank - St Oswald's Church House Trust

Revd Tim Hayward – St Boniface Bunbury PCC, Bunbury Parochial Charities

Revd Anne Lawson - Brindley & Faddiley Former School Trust, Worleston School House Trust, Acton United Charities Trust, Huxley & Darlington Charitable Trust, Acton Village Hall

Chris Penn - DBE Corporate Member of North West Academy Trust, Frank Field Academy Trust, Real Life Learning Academy Trust, Chester Diocesan Academies Trust, Samara Academy Trust

The following have gifts or hospitality offered to them by external bodies as a governor/trustee and this was declined or accepted in the last 12 months:-


The following have children/grandchildren at the school:- 

Rebecca Alexander, Andrew Denton, Tim Boote, Betony Burrows, Jennifer Yates, Alexandra Camm, Cormac Henry, Nicola Clive, Charlie Ashworth

The following have a family member as a member of staff:-


The following are members of professional bodies, membership of organisations, public bodies or special interest groups of with they are a member and have a position of general control or management:-

Piers Bostock – British Society of Sugar Technologists

Brenda Brockbank - MS Society Vale Royal and West Cheshire Group

Sheila Loughlin - Employee of INEOS

The following have roles in other educational establishments:-

Sheila Loughlin is a Governor at another school in Cheshire East;

Chris Penn is a Governor at another school on the Wirral.


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